Vacuum clamping system bankmaster® at the GROTRIAN-STEINWEG Piano Company – handling of premium work pieces

Workpieces with very sensitive surfaces can be clamped safe and gentle in the production of pianos and grand pianos.

Piano players worldwide are committed of the instruments made by GROTRIAN-STEINWEG. They are made in handwork and with love to detail. 1835 the first pianos were built, the continuous demand led to the production numbers of today: 500 pianos and 100 grand pianos are delivered per year to music-lovers worldwide.

Every single piece is thereby handled with greatest caution and with love to detail. Many single production steps and true handwork characterise the products. Therefore the production time of a noble grand piano of GROTRIAN-STEINWEG is up to 9 months.

„We have many sensible surfaces. Because a normal work bench does not ensure safe handling of our work pieces, we had to search long for an alternative”, reports Frank Heinemann of GROTRIAN-STEINWEG. “Already some years ago we found the bankmaster® vacuum clamping systems and increased constantly their use in our production. The vacuum plates clamp the different work pieces safe and still very gentle so that we can work on the edges and surfaces of our different woods. Whether precious woods like mahogany, rosewood or classic black – the grinding and polishing of work pieces and edges is possible in a gentle, easy and ergonomic way.

Auch die Flexibilität des Einsatzortes ist für Herrn Heinemann sehr wichtig. „Je nach Mitarbeiter und Bearbeitungsschritt kann das Gerät an jeder beliebigen Stelle des Produktionsbereiches aufgestellt werden, da es selbstansaugend am Boden ist. So sind wir sehr flexibel.“

Also the flexibility of the working location is relevant for Mr. Heinemann: “Depending on employees and production step the system is self-adherent in every part of the production area. Therefore we are really flexible.”

GROTRIAN-STEINWEG owns overall three bankmaster® DUO and one bankmaster®XXL. With the XXL the very large covers of the grand pianos are clamped and handled.

In Braunschweig, the company engages 60 employees, most of them are already many years with GROTRIAN-STEINWEG. Additional, every year 2-3 young piano manufacturers get educated. Their tasks are multifarious: Tuning, voicing and adjusting of the instruments as well as cutting of wood and handling of different surfaces.

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