Customer report zai AG

With vacuum clamping system bankmaster® the perfect ski is becoming reality.

In the production of high-end skis, components with sensitive surfaces are clamped safe and gentle.

Since by now five years, zai is for connoisseurs of winter sports the brand for exclusive ski which have a special aura for understatement and quality. Carefully selected materials, manual work and love to detail are provided in every of overall 1.000 pairs of ski per season.

Every hand made ski consists of 9 coatings with 22 parts in total. Thereby, only high-class materials are used which are partly used also in aerospace, sailing or paragliding. To guarantee a constant quality, all materials are delivered on rolls and cutted for the relative design model on site. Typically for zai are the uncommon material combinations and the design, the core of cedar wood as well as a product line with a core of granite. This flexes without breaking and absorbs vibrations very well.

The single coatings of the ski are laid into the precast ski casket made of aluminium. The press changes the components to a complete ski at 110 to 120° heat and 40 tons of pressure. Thereafter, the vacuum bankmaster® clamping system is getting in use: The ski is clamped and overhangs are bevelled. Also the outline of the ski and the top edge are finished by hand. “It is very important for us that the bankmaster® vacuum system gives us a maximum flexibility for locations inside of the production hall and that we can transport it very easy with the help of the rolls” reports Marc Demont from zai. “We can therewith ensure that it can always be used on this place where it is needed. Also right ergonomics is guaranteed by the height adjustment and the additional longer tube ofthe vacuum plates. So, our employees are able to concentrate well and truly on their demanding work.” After this precise manual work, the ski is grinded by a service robot and gets structures which are also used in world cup races.

zai has already about 50 dealers in the alpine region, in Europe and overseas countries with their successful concept. The product range gets constantly enlarged and for the next winter a new collection of ski staves and bags is planned.

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