Product Overview

bankmaster®, doormaster® & PULLWORKER®

Especially for carpenters, kitchen fitters and all craftsmen developed for a secure clamping and processing of the material timber. DOSCORNIO® systems enable precise and flexible working – they facilitate the work under optimum ergonomic conditions.

bankmaster® Vacuum Clamping Systems

A unique system

  • Speed-vent system: for very fast clamping and de-clamping of the workpieces
  • Extremely robust for professional use due to high-quality aluminum components
  • Universal suction plates: due to the genius 2-in-1 concept work pieces with different widths can be clamped by only one vacuum plate. Investments in different plate sizes are not needed:
    costly change over time is saved
  • * If the floor is not vacuum tight, please contact us for individual solutions

bankmaster® details

Workbench equipment

For mobile use on tables and workbenches for small to medium-sized workpieces

  • Mobility in shop and on site:
    All systems are self-adherend to the workbench.*
  • Robust design with high stability
  • Space saving

Single work­stations

Universal vacuum systems for small to large workpieces

  • Mobility in shop and on site:
    All systems are self-adherend to the floor.*
  • Handle one large or multiple small workpieces at the same time
  • Height adjustment already included
  • Ergonomic operation
  • High flexibility


Ergonomic workstation system for small to large workpieces

  • Standard height adjustment
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Solid wood worktop
  • Robust, manoeuvrable and mobile
  • Flexible use in the workshop


Versatile selection of parts and fittings for all bankmaster® clamping systems.

doormaster® Door processing systems

doormaster® Türbearbeitungssysteme

Heavy doors – easy handling!

  • Round machining through 360 ° swivel device
  • flexible height and length adjustment
  • Mobility through quality rolls in the entire shop area

doormaster® details

doormaster® easyracks

For the safe storage between working steps.

doormaster® easyfilter

For use in monorail systems – ideal for sanding and varnishing.

doormaster® porter

For transportation – internally and to the customer.


PULLWORKER® Folienabzieher

The professional pull-off tool for protective foils.

PULLWORKER® is suitable for all sheet metal and workpieces furnished with protective foil. The integrated copper blade cuts the foil on metal for an accurate pull-off*.
* Please check for compatibility