Fastest way to detach protection foil from metals, wood and acrylic glass (PMMA) – possible due to our unique and special rubber formula.

PULLWORKER® is suitable for all sheet metal and workpieces furnished with protective foil. The integrated copper blade cuts the foil on metal for an ­accurate detachment (please check for compatibility).

PULLWORKER® Folienabzieher / Foil Detachment Tool

It works so simple

PULLWORKER® Folienabzieher Start / Foil Detachment Tool Home
  1. Place PULLWORKER® on the edge of the workpiece
  2. Rub in direction of detachment
  3. The foil disengages and can now be detached fast and easily

The integrated cutting blade made of copper allows a partial detachment of the foil, for example to set a weld in a specific area.

  1. Cut the desired area with the blade
  2. Place PULLWORKER ® on the edge of the workpiece
  3. Rub in direction of detachment
  4. Detach foil area

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