Multifunctional workbench thanks to vacuum clamping system

State-of-the-art technology allows bankmaster® to clamp or secure workpieces, even those with delicate surfaces. bankmaster® is the ergonomic and flexible alternative to a workbench and vice. This is a unique system with auto-suctioning fixation to the workbench or workshop floor.

bankmaster® workbench units

Flexible edge processing without scratching the workpiece

Whether it is a flexible system for smaller parts or especially for edge banding machines – bankmaster® workbench units clamp your workpiece easily and securely. 3-dimensional workpieces, plates, and tubes can be optimally processed with bankmaster® in a back-friendly manner.

Upgrade your workbench to your very own multifunctional workbench with bankmaster®.

bankmaster® COMBO

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® COMBO Bearbeitung / Usage

Flexible system for smaller parts
Handy size and mobile: easy to apply on workbench, for use in service van or on construction site.

bankmaster® COMBO MAX

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® COMBO MAX Bearbeitung / Usage

Specially designed for manual edge banding machines
Your work piece is safely clamped for manual edge banding: easy to apply on workbench, for use in service van or on construction site.

bankmaster® MONO S

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® MONO S Bearbeitung / Usage

Universal clamping system – swiveling function
Always the right position of the workpiece by horizontal or vertical clamping. The vacuum plate may be swiveled stepless by 90°. The round vacuum vacuum plate is endless turnable by 360°.

bankmaster® MONO 3D

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® MONO 3D selbstansaugend

For clamping of 3-dimensional workpieces
The vacuum plates may be swiveled stepless by 90° in 2 directions: also curved workpieces can be clamped in using 2 systems. The round vacuum plate is endless turnable by 360°.

bankmaster® Workbench Top

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® Werkbankaufsatz / Workbench Top

Easy retrofitting of existing workbenches with vacuum clamping technology
The retrofit kit is easy to attach on existing workbenches – then it offers vacuum clamping technology with full functionality.

bankmaster® floor units

Mobile and flexible: bring the unit to the workpiece instead of carrying heavy loads

Work on large, small, long, and/or narrow workpieces on the spot without straining your back – no more dragging or bending.

The swivel control allows for ergonomic swivelling. With the bankmaster® VARIO units the entire workpiece carrier can even be rotated infinitely.

bankmaster® DUO

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® DUO Bearbeitung / Usage

Universal system for small and medium-sized workpieces
With integrated transport rolls and the self-adherent pedestal the bankmaster® DUO may be used in different locations in the shop.

bankmaster® QUATTRO

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® QUATTRO Bearbeitung / Usage

Universal system for small to large workpieces
A flexible workplace solution which is also suitable for larger workpieces. The central axis may be tilted by a foot-operated raster and assures therefore ergonomic operation.

bankmaster® VARIO 2 / VARIO 4

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® VARIO 4 Bearbeitung / Usage

Tilting and rotating for highest demands
The central axis may be tilted by raster and the entire workpiece is endless turnable by 360° for ergonomic operation. Available with 2 or 4 vacuum plates.

bankmaster® XXL

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® XXL Vakuumspannsystem / Vacuum Clamping System

Universal system for small to very large workpieces
A perfect clamping system for all sizes of workpieces – also very large or long workpieces can be clamped safely. The up to 6 vacuum plates can clamp also long work plates.

bankmaster® workbenches

Set up your workshop from scratch: modern and multifunctional

Do without a workbench or vice – the modern craftsman’s workplace uses ergonomic vacuum clamps.

bankmaster® MULTI

bankmaster® MULTI Werkbank / Workbench

Ergonomic workstation system
The flexible workstation solution for working at optimal height.

bankmaster® MULTI 2

bankmaster® MULTI 2 Werkbank / Workbench

Ergonomic workstation system with 2 vacuum clamps
The flexible workstation solution with vacuum pads to hold work pieces in place, allowing you to work at optimal height.

bankmaster® MULTI 4

bankmaster® MULTI 4 Werkbank / Workbench

Ergonomic workstation system with 4 vacuum clamps
The flexible workstation solution to even work on large work pieces at optimal height.

bankmaster® Accessories

Vacuum Pump

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® Vakuum-Pumpenstation / Vacuum Pump Station

For simultaneous operation of up to 5 bankmaster®-vacuum clamping systems.

Foot Valve
with tubing

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® Fussventil / Foot Valve

For fast release of the vacuum.
Available for the series COMBO and MONO as an option.

Vacuum Plates &
Sealing Rings

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® Saugspannteller / Vacuum Plate

All sizes and seals – round and oval with a representation of the associated holding forces.

Swivel &

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® Zusatzgelenke / Rotation Joints

Angle and endless rotation joints.

Adapter Plate

DOSCORNIO® tubestar® Adapterplatte / Adapter Plate

Adapter plate for an easy clamping of tubes with a diameter of 40 und 42 mm.

Multifunctional workbench thanks to bankmaster® with vacuum clamping system

  • Whether you are a carpenter, kitchen builder, metalworker or industrial manufacturer;
  • Whether you want to clamp, brace, fasten, turn, tilt, mill, glue, suction, polish or grind your workpiece;
  • Whether your workpiece is made of wood, metal, acrylic glass, mirror, glass or any other material impermeable to air;
  • Whether the surfaces, panels, furniture parts, worktops, or doors are smooth, round, delicate, shiny or reflective;

A bankmaster® multifunctional workbench supports you with the latest vacuum clamping technology. It optimises your work processes and is easy on your back.