bankmaster® Vacuum Clamping Systems

Fast clamping of workpieces - efficient processing without re-clamping

Many advantages turn bankmaster® to an unique system:

  • Mobility in shop and on site:
    All systems are self-adherend to the floor or to the workbench.*
  • German high quality manufacturing with excellent price/performance ratio.
  • Only high quality components are used for a long service life
DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® Bearbeitung / Usage
DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® Metallbearbeitung / usability metal

Vacuum clamping for professional use

  • Extremely robust for professional use due to high-quality aluminum components.
  • Universal vacuum plates: due to the genius 2-in-1 concept work pieces with different widths can be clamped by only one vacuum plate. Investments in different plate sizes are not needed: costly change over time is saved.
  • Speed-vent system: for very fast clamping and de-clamping of the workpieces. Systems for the workbench have a hand-operated valve, a foot valve can be installed as an option. Single workstations are delivered with a foot valve ready installed.
  • Durable vacuum seals made of a special polymer are easy to exchange in case of damage.
DOSCORNIO® speed-vent System

Integrated casters

  • With integrated casters and the self-adherent pedestal the bankmaster® Single Workstations may be used in different locations in the shop.
DOSCORNIO® Transportrollen / Casters

Flexible adjustment of vacuum plates

  • Universal fixation bearing with lasting gliding elements. For variable fitting to the workpiece and for best ergonomics.
DOSCORNIO® Klemmlager mit speziellen Gleiteigenschaften / fixation bearing with lasting gliding

Rotation device with pedestal

  • The central axis may be tilted by a foot-operated raster and assures ergonomic operation. It is available as an option on the bankmaster® DUO and as standard on other bankmaster® Single Workstations.
DOSCORNIO® Schwenkbedienung / Axis Rotation

Rotation device with pedestal

Vacuum pump with support and multiple socket outlet**

  • Powerful (3 m³/h) and econom ical (100 W) vacuum pump: All systems are delivered with our powerful and economical vacuum pump: with large air filter for pump protection, vacuum meter and pump support. The multiple socket outlet is helpful to connect your machine tools. Our vacuum pump with 8 m³/h is available as an option.
DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® Vakuumpumpe mit Steckdosenleiste / Vacuum Pump with multiple socket outlet

Suitable for a variety of materials

  • Process workpieces made of wood, metal, plastic, glass, plexiglass or natural stone easily and quickly. Our vacuum clamping technology is suitable for almost all airtight materials.
DOSCORNIO® Bearbeitung Materialien / process materials

Simple to Operate

DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® how to 1


DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® how to 2


DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® how to 3


DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® how to 4


*if the floor is not vacuum tight, please contact us for individual solutions
** only for units for workbench