bankmaster® Vacuum Clamping Systems

Clamp workpieces quickly – efficient machining without the need for re-clamping

  • Auto-suctioning to the workbench or workshop floor* – For mobile use in the company and on the construction site.
  • German production with fair price/performance ratio
  • Only high-quality components are used to ensure a long service life
  • bankmaster® vacuum clamping systems can be found in wood and metal processing, interior finishing, trade fair construction, aircraft construction, and instrument construction
DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® Bearbeitung / Usage
DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® Metallbearbeitung / usability metal

INGENIOUSLY SIMPLE: The bankmaster® vacuum pump generates a vacuum and directs it to the vacuum cups. When you place a workpiece on it, a sensing valve releases the vacuum and the workpiece is vacuumed within seconds. By pressing a button or foot valve you interrupt the vacuum and the workpiece is released.

The patented bankmaster® vacuum plates fix both small and very large workpieces in place. This reduces the processing time and cuts production costs.

NO SCRATCHES: the bankmaster® clamps delicate components with polished surfaces or which are made of stainless steel quickly, securely, and without damage. Scratches on delicate surfaces – and thus also scrap and rework – are enormously reduced by correct clamping.

WITHOUT BACK PAIN: With bankmaster® you have both hands free for all machining or assembly tasks. If desired, the vacuum plates can be swivelled infinitely variable by 90° – the round version can even be swivelled endlessly 360°. This allows you to work in a back-friendly and ergonomically optimal position.

A further advantage of the bankmaster® vacuum clamping system: all units suction onto the workbench or workshop floor. Nothing has to be screwed together. This means that bankmaster® mobile units can be used in the factory, in the workshop van, on the construction site, or during assembly at the customer’s premises.

Multifunctional workbench with the latest technology

  • bankmaster® vacuum clamping systems are extremely robust. The high-quality aluminium components are designed for professional use.
  • Suction instead of clamping: the universal bankmaster® suction plates are 2 in 1 vario-plates: Workpieces of different widths are vacuumed with only one vacuum plate. Investments in several different plates and time for time-consuming retooling are eliminated.
  • Speed-vent system for particularly fast clamping and releasing of workpieces. With bankmaster® workbench units, the workpiece is released with a manual valve as standard. If you machine large and heavy workpieces, we recommend the optional bankmaster® foot valve. bankmaster® floor units include the foot valve as standard.
  • Alternative to protective jaws: durable sealing lips made of special plastic clamp even the most delicate surfaces without causing scratches. Worn seals can be replaced individually.
DOSCORNIO® speed-vent System

Integrated running gear

  • Integrated transport castors and auto-suctioning stand: bankmaster® floor units are mobile and flexible. Use bankmaster® quickly and conveniently, exactly where you need it.
DOSCORNIO® Transportrollen / Casters

Flexible adaptation of the bankmaster® vacuum plates

  • Protects your back: bankmaster® vacuum plates have universal slide / clamp bearings. The special sliding function adjusts itself flexibly to the workpiece. This ensures that the working position is always optimal and ergonomic.
DOSCORNIO® Klemmlager mit speziellen Gleiteigenschaften / fixation bearing with lasting gliding

Ergonomic swivelling with foot pedal control

  • The back-friendly swivelling mechanism can be conveniently switched using the foot pedal. With the bankmaster® DUO it is an optional extra. All other floor units have these as standard.
DOSCORNIO® Schwenkbedienung / Axis Rotation

Rotation device with pedestal

Vacuum pump with holder and socket strip**

  • Powerful and economical vacuum pump:
    All bankmaster® units are delivered with a 3 m³/h strong vacuum pump. It is extremely economical with a consumption of only 100 watts. The accompanying large air filter protects the pump from dirt and dust. A vacuum meter and pump holder with integrated power strip are also available. A vacuum pump with 8 m³/h is also available as an option.
DOSCORNIO® bankmaster® Vakuumpumpe mit Steckdosenleiste / Vacuum Pump with multiple socket outlet

Suitable for almost all materials impermeable to air

  • Large panels, narrow components, delicate workpieces, pipes – process workpieces made of wood, metal, plastic, glass, acrylic glass, or natural stone quickly and easily. bankmaster®️ vacuum clamping technology is also suitable for delicate components with polished surfaces or which are made of stainless steel.
DOSCORNIO® Bearbeitung Materialien / process materials

Ingeniously simple to operate

bankmaster®️: the ideal replacement for a vice and protective jaws or a joiner’s bench. Fast and damage-free processing – in an ergonomically optimal position. Reduce production costs and processing time with bankmaster®️ and relieve your back.

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* if the floor is not vacuum tight, please contact us for individual solutions
** only for units for workbench