Customer report imperial-Werke

Using the PULLWORKER® foil detachment tool: removing protective foil during the production of built-in kitchen appliances is made significantly easier.

Huge time savings are made by using the patented PULLWORKER® with its special rubber.

imperial-Werke oHG, a subsidiary of Miele & Cie. KG, is producing the latest electric and gas hobs, steam cookers and warming drawers at their location in Bünde exclusively for the Miele brand. The built-in kitchen appliances are marketed worldwide in over 160 countries.

After the company was founded in 1857 and a foundry was established, imperial initially manufactured iron products. Following numerous innovations and a specialisation in built-in appliances, imperial was taken over by the Miele Group in 1989. Since then, the imperial factory in Bünde has been the centre of excellence within the Miele Group for hobs, steam cookers and warming drawers, and the product range is also being continually expanded today.

The high-quality and sensitive surfaces of the various built-in kitchen appliances must be handled particularly carefully. After stainless steel has been punched and lasered, the components enter the presser, where they are made into their final shape. Following an edging process performed by manual canting machines and robots, the protective foil must be removed for the further processing, final installation and monitoring of the appliances.

To do this, imperial has been using the reliable PULLWORKER® for many years in various workplaces. Thanks to its patented special rubber, it is possible to disengage the protective foil by easily rubbing on the edge of the component in the pull-off direction. After that, the protective foil can be removed simply and quickly. This procedure allows for huge time savings and makes day-to-day work easier for the production employees.

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