Customer report MAJA-Maschinenfabrik

Vacuum clamping system bankmaster® and foil detachment tool PULLWORKER® for efficient production of stainless steel housings.

The work pieces are clamped safely and handled efficiently during the production process using vacuum technology.

The Maja-Maschinenfabrik is worldwide known as producer of flake ice and butcher machines for derinding, membrane skinning and slicing. Since the foundation in 1955, custom-made product solutions are developed and produced. They are made for the specific needs of the food industry.

The company employs overall approximately 170 staff members, 25 are working in the department for metal manufacturing under the administration of Wolfgang Osiander. All housings made of stainless steel are produced there before they are forwarded to the machine assembly department. In Wolfgang Osiander’s department two bankmaster® DUO vacuum column systems and several PULLWORKER® foil detachment tools are used.

“With the help of the PULLWORKER®, we remove the protection foil which covers the stainless steel sheet metal so that we can process the material further for welding and final assembly. With the foil detachmenttool, this goes faster as using the finger tips. We therefore save a lot of time” reports Wolfgang Osiander. “During the handling of the stainless steel we clamp our work pieces on one of our bankmaster® DUO. We bought our first DUO already 5 years ago and because of its robust construction and the few spare parts that have to be changed from time to time, we are also today into it and have it in permanent operation. It is
also very important for us that the system is self-adherent to the floor. This gives us a maximum flexibility for locationsinside of the production hall.”

The quality of the products and the possibility of special solutions have motivated Mr. Osiander for an own construction: “Our grinding machine is also equipped with vacuum plates of DOSCORNIO® special tools. According to the actual requirements, the right size of the vacuum plate is selected and installed. So we established clamping possibilities to fix work pieces also on our grinding machine.”

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